Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: New Microsoft 365 security and management features available.

The recently released Windows 10 Fall Creators update has new features not only for regular users but for business and enterprise deployments as well. Microsoft has recently reported that their latest operating system update is active on more than 500 million “monthly active devices, and continues to gain momentum”. With Enterprise being a critical market segment interest for Microsoft,  here are some … Read More

Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce Monthly Breakfast, Business Before Hours.

Today October 18, 2017, we attended the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast. The event featured a guest speaker who is a specialist on Cyber Security and Public policy, Ido Sivan-Sevilla. Ido is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Hebrew University of Israel and is part of the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum. For more than 45 minutes Ido presented … Read More

Key Reinstallation Attacks: WPA2 encryption.

Yesterday, October 16, 2017, two Belgian researchers published a proof of concept of a vulnerability in the current implementation of WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II), rendering all modern networking devices exposed. Affected Implementations include: Apple OS X 10.9.5 Apple MacOS Sierra 10.12 Apple iOS 10.3.1 Google Android 6.0 Open BSD 6.1 Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10 This technique allows attackers to view … Read More

Google Calendar Web Interface Updated.

Starting Today, Google updated its web interface calendar. This was a much-needed refresh, as the look of it was lagging behind its main competitors. Today’s announcement covers personal accounts and corporate G Suite accounts. For personal accounts just select on the right top of the calendar the “Update Now” button. For G Suite accounts, you have full control on the deployment … Read More

Key Reinstallation Attacks: Ubiquiti Devices.

Ubiquity has undoubtedly been one of the first and fastest to Patch the  WPA2 Vulnerability. However, the process is not without its hiccups. Talking to Ubiquiti Networks a moment ago we confirmed that there is an issue if you attempt to use UniFi Controller to update the firmware. The issue in question is that the controller will be stuck on the … Read More

AWS New Per-Second Billing for EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes

Image of Cloud Computing ICons

Amazon AWS  Chief Evangelist for Web Services Jeff Barr announced on September 18, 2017, that effective October 2, 2017, all Regions of Linux instances will be billed by the second instead of by the hour. This move competitively places Amazon among cloud providers. Many instances just require short interval sprints, so the bill by the used seconds is a great resource. … Read More