Microsoft Anounces Large disks sizes for the Premium and Standard storage Tiers.

SSD Premium Disk storage is typically used for I/O intensive ops, providing low latency. The announcement, available at all regions covers two large disk sizes 2TB and 4TB. At the same time, the Input Output Operations per Second was increased to 7,500 along with bandwith to 250 MBps.   Please follow the links to learn more  About disks and VHDs for Azure Windows VMs documentation web … Read More

Cloud Wars: Top Ten Rankings as of June 1 2017

Image of Cloud Computing ICons

In a recent article published on Forbes by Bob Evans, Microsoft emerges as the top cloud vendor. The analysis is based not only on revenue but on other metrics such as scalability and integration. Definitely a complicated market, with some surprises such as SAP taking fourth place. Please follow the link for the complete story:

Dell Inspiron 27″ All In One

Great design in the all new Inspiron 27″ Here are some of the specs:  AMD Radeon™ RX 500 series graphics card with GDDR5 memory. AMD 8 Core Ryzen™ processor. 16GB of DDR4 2400MHz memory IPS Panel with InfinitiEdge at 4K resolution

BackBlaze Anual Backup Awareness Survey Results For 2017

To the question: “How often do you back up all the data on your computer ?” The results are very low. The 10th Year of the survey still indicates a low backup frequency (yearly, 26.3%) The complete survey is here:  

Digital Ocean Announces Cloud Firewalls.

Digital Ocean has lately been simplifying the infrastructure experience. With that approach in mind, Cloud Firewalls is an effective and simple way to secure Droplets. The service is free and created with scalability in mind. Cloud Firewalls is a central location where access rules are defined and applied to Droplets, enforcing them on the network layer. Non-whitelisted traffic will not reach the droplets, … Read More

“7 Mental Strategies That Will Make You More Successful”

Pulsar Technology Corp’s Blog is not only technology focused. As a Small Business on the fast paced IT field we take a full time learning very seriously around here. We are passionate about Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Digital Marketing and plain hard work. So every few technical posts, you will see writeups on these interests. Today’s link is a great post by Elle … Read More