Joe York AT&T President for Florida speaks at Palm Beach Tech Association.

Yesterday, July 25, 2017, The Palm Beach Tech Association presented Joe York at the Florida Atlantic University Runway.   To an overflowing attendance, Mr. York delivered on the current state of AT&T in Florida, indicating a current investment of over one Billion in infrastructure. Among the future technologies discussed were:   Many thanks to FAU for hosting the event, and … Read More

AT&T Smart Cities – Miami.

Yesterday, Joe York, President of AT&T Florida, showcased its company’s implementation of a smart grid in Miami and their partnership with the Miami-Dade County. They provide the network and infrastructure to connect security cameras operated via cloud by the local Police, smart street LED lamps, interconnected smart traffic lights and traffic monitoring cameras that allow the city to implement traffic management … Read More

Microsoft Releases Insider Build of Windows Server

Just joining the Windows Insider Program, with Build 16237. Improvements to container and virtualization, and greater pass through of the underlying hardware to the VM. Support for non-volatile memory has been integrated, leading to the benefits of low-latency performance. Battery Passthrough to the VM. Enhancements to Container Networking. As covered by Peter Bright of Ars Technica: And the announcement on … Read More

Cloudflare and HTTPS

As the prevalence of encryption increases, Cloudflare, a leading Content Delivery Network, makes it easy to enable HTTPS only, and furthermore Strict Transport Security HSTS. Here is their blog post with the information on how to secure your website.

Happy 4th !

Pulsar Technology Corp would like to wish our Clients, Family and Friends a happy festivity. May the celebration of freedom be a blessing for generations to come.    

Microsoft Anounces Large disks sizes for the Premium and Standard storage Tiers.

SSD Premium Disk storage is typically used for I/O intensive ops, providing low latency. The announcement, available at all regions covers two large disk sizes 2TB and 4TB. At the same time, the Input Output Operations per Second was increased to 7,500 along with bandwith to 250 MBps.   Please follow the links to learn more  About disks and VHDs for Azure Windows VMs documentation web … Read More