Google Gmail and Gsuite design update.

Gmail and Gsuite are powerful solutions: email for Small Business. Within the next few weeks, there is a refreshing update coming for the Gmail and Gsuite web interfaces. Possibly among new features are “Smart Reply”, “Snooze” and “Offline enhancements” These changes are for Gsuite paying clients as well as individual accounts. Following the recent design update to the web calendar … Read More

Microsoft Azure webinar series: Security Webinar.

Image of Cloud Computing ICons

Security strategies for safeguarding your cloud resources Microsoft has recently announced an even bigger push and commitment to the Windows Operating System in the Cloud. Even though it might be a pivot from its foundational structure, CEO Satya Nadella openly states that “the future of Windows is bright”. On that note, on April 12, 2018. 10:00 AM  Pacific time Microsoft is … Read More

External IT Help, A helpful service in times of growth.

Small Business IT growh wall with stats

Challenges A small business typically handles IT needs from within the company. This translates into the owner, which already has many hats to wear, to have to spend his or her time and resources on the IT problem at hand. Typically this can take a few hours for troubleshooting to weeks of continuous stress.  Pulsar Technology Corp provides the right set of  … Read More

New on GitHub: Amazon AWS Documentation.

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Recently posted on the AWS blog by chief evangelist Jeff Barr  is an invitation to all parties to contribute changes and fixes in the form of a pull request. Now AWS documentation can be easily edited or changed by clicking on the Edit on Github button, which is prominently displayed at the top of the page. For a simple walkthrough, please follow the … Read More

Great resource: Crypto Canon at Andreessen Horowitz.

Knowledge open space

Here you will find a wide range of information, ranging from basics, history and key concepts to crypto economics and lectures. The site is developed curated by, by Sonal Chokshi, Chris Dixon, Denis Nazarov, Jesse Walden, and Ali Yahya Take a look at: Crypto Canon at Thank you to Tobias-Fischer at unsplash for the image.

The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has updated the free ebook. Now on its second edition, the book covers how to create applications, smart apps, security and privacy. Follow the link to download the ebook.      


As announced in our Services section today, Pulsar Technology Corp  spectrum of services now includes  Technical Translations. Starting with English / Spanish, Spanish / English, with more languages coming in the near future we translate software, manuals, websites and more. Real knowledge and experience with target markets ensure that the right terminology is always being used. For Software or APP translations, … Read More

Tim Ferriss Interviews legendary Bob Metcalfe.

An outstanding episode with clever @bobmetcalfe who, among other things pioneered Ethernet and Networks in the early era of the internet. Extraordinary conversation with insights on scaling business, various approaches to recruiting talent in the enterprise, critical decisions, and mistakes he reflects on. You can listen to this outstanding interview here and view the show notes at

Synology Announces RackStation RS2818RP+

Available starting tomorrow, February 1st, 2018, is a new NAS unit from Synology, the first 3U Plus rackmount server. The 3U configuration allows room for large storage capacity, at very competitive prices wich are ideal for small and medium sized business. With a total of 192 TB of raw capacity it can exand to 336TB via a RX1217(RP) expansion unit. The … Read More