Frequently Asked Questions.

Business is not always all business.
Quoting Gary Vaynerchuck
“People want to be heard and cared for”


A brief compilation of the most common questions.

Locally, at Crux Coffee Roasters, just down the road at Abacoa.
Great bean selection from Colombian coffees. If you are not local, call them, as they will probably be able to ship to you. (No affiliation, besides being a happy customer)
If you insist. We prefer to work by project or by retainer, as not to have time constraints or pressure.
No, however we are more than happy to provide you with a few options, you in the right direction. And of course, we will be happy to install them on your business (Dell, HP, or custom made).
Yes, we are reseller partners with Synology and Qnap. However, our interest is not in making a sale but to work with the client in making the right selection of NAS, with a hard drive choice that meets the client’s expectations in quality, reliability and performance. Also we are happy to pass along to you the savings provided by the special pricing agreements with our suppliers.
No, but some other languages may apply. Just ask.
Great question, depends on your immediate needs and budget. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Please do call us (or drop by for some great coffee) for more information. As everything in Business, this decision has to be made with a lot of attention to initial and ongoing costs. Cloud based servers benefit from rapid deployments, and no hardware maintenance (that side of the equation is managed by the cloud provider). Ownbased, on your premises servers have the benefit of you having physical ownership of the data and the hardware related assets are an active of your corporation.
As a growing Small Business ourselves, we have faced the challenges of Online Presence and search engine placement. We do not do it as we believe on organic search development, and good old business development. It’s hard on both counts, but well worth the challenge.

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