Google Cloud Event in Miami Beach.

Yesterday, June 11, 2019, Google held its highly anticipated Cloud event in South Florida. With a full house at the iconic The Temple House, Google’s presenters showcased its latest cloud offering. Many thanks to the organizers, and the venue. It was a concensus among the audience that we look forward to having more Google events in the area.

Improved Service Area: #Miami

Pulsar Technology Corp has always served the Southern Florida Area. We are proud to announce a recent expansion to improve our presence in the Miami Metropolitan Area. This will allow us to continue to improve our same day service in Miami:  Miami Beach, Kendall Fort Lauderdale:  Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach. We look forward to continuing serving and expanding in South Florida.   #holaMiami

Google Releases tool to give insights into mobility and behavior changes

Google Releases tool to give insights into mobility and behavior changes during the COVID-19 crisis. The report covers various categories such as retail, recreation, pars, rail, transit residential and workplaces. See your community, county, state or country at: Image courtesy of Daniel von Appen at

Synology Announces free VPN Plus functionalities.

In order to assist business continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak, Synology announces today Client VPN and Site-to-Site VPN license for free. These changes will become effective for the following time period: April 6, 2020 to September 30, 2020. This will allow many small businesses to implement VPN solutions on their already existing Synology hardware to quickly accommodate a remote workforce. … Read More

AWS Named as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services.

Today Jeff Barr, chief evangelist for AWS, announced that Amazon Web Services was recognized by Garner as “top-right corner of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services, earning highest placement for Ability to Execute and furthest to the right for Completeness of Vision“ Please read the whole post at AWS News Blog.

Why should we ask instead of assuming?

In a business transaction to assume instead of asking the right questions, it could result in a significant monetary loss due to a lack of information. If one of the parties failed to explain themself and the other party assumed instead of asking the right questions, both parties fail to conclude a deal, that could be very profitable.As human beings … Read More