Google Cloud Event in Miami Beach.

Yesterday, June 11, 2019, Google held its highly anticipated Cloud event in South Florida. With a full house at the iconic The Temple House, Google’s presenters showcased its latest cloud offering. Many thanks to the organizers, and the venue. It was a concensus among the audience that we look forward to having more Google events in the area.

Improved Service Area: #Miami

Pulsar Technology Corp has always served the Southern Florida Area. We are proud to announce a recent expansion to improve our presence in the Miami Metropolitan Area. This will allow us to continue to improve our same day service in Miami:  Miami Beach, Kendall Fort Lauderdale:  Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach. We look forward to continuing serving and expanding in South Florida.   #holaMiami

Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 End of Support Announcement.

On January 14, 2020, the servers reached End of Support. No more security updates will be available, putting any still running server installations at risk. One of the available options is to migrate to Azure, including porting your existing licenses. Please see the full announcement and available options at Microsoft Windows Server Blog.

Enhancing Security on your Synology NAS.

Synology recently published five ways to improve your security and data privacy on its NAS devices. Client-Side Encryption Private Surveillance storage, locally to your NAS. DNS over HTTP’s. Every request sent over an encrypted connection Enable Multiple SSL certificates on you NAS, now including Let’s Encrypt Support VPN Plus son selected Synology routers. Synology’s Security advisor runs a check-up of … Read More

Synology Releases SA3600 2U Rackmount Server

With a 12-Cre CPU and support for high-speed networks, the SA3600 is an ideal solution for environments that need elastic and quickly expandable solutions with very low cost of ownership. Its main specifications are: Xeon D-1567 12 Core CPU 16 GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM up to 128GB Storage scalable for up to 180 SAS drives Network expandable for up to … Read More

Steve Jurvetson at the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast.

Steve Jurvetson is an early-stage venture capitalist, new industry formation, 100 billion dollars in value creation, Board of Tesla, Space X. Formerly at Apple, Next, HP. He was a guest on episode 404. “Every industry in our planet is going to become an information business, I think that is an important statement, every industry” … “it will become eventually an … Read More

Dropbox announces large file transfer utility.

Image of Cloud Computing ICons

As usual for Dropbox, it has managed to execute a very intuitive implementation and interface. Some of the features include: 100 GB of files per transfer Share with anyone the files, no Dropbox account required for the recipient fo the file. Add via drag-and-drop or from Dropbox As simple as copying a link via sending an email A very useful … Read More