Governor of Florida and South Florida authorities visit Downtown Doral.

We are grateful that South Florida is close to re-opening. The business community has been working together as a team with the State Government, County, City authorities, and health providing institutions to achieve a common goal. We think it is important to recognize the efforts of the people,  our neighbors, and coworkers for coming together as a community to defeat … Read More

Improved Service Area: #Miami

Pulsar Technology Corp has always served the Southern Florida Area. We are proud to announce a recent expansion to improve our presence in the Miami Metropolitan Area. This will allow us to continue to improve our same day service in Miami:  Miami Beach, Kendall Fort Lauderdale:  Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach. We look forward to continuing serving and expanding in South Florida.   #holaMiami

Seagate Announces Nytro© 5050 NVMe SSD Series

Yesterday August 9, 2022, Seagate announced its Nytro 5050 NVMe SSD series. Designed for the high performance data center, these SSDs these drives feature up to 15 TB of storage with sequential reads of up to 7400MB/s and Sequential write speeds of up to 7200MB/s and 7.4 GB/s bandwidth. Also, they are backed by a five year warranty. Images Copyright … Read More

Happy 4th of July 2022!

Pulsar Technology Corp would like to wish our Clients, Family, and Friends a happy festivity. May the celebration of freedom be a blessing for generations to come to those in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Synology Launches High Density HD6500

Yesterday, June 29, 2022, Synology announced a high density NAS in a rack form factor. Ideal for Private, on Premise Cloud, or for Cross Site Syncing. this 4U rackmount enclosure supports up to 300 Drives. Among the announced specs are: 2 x 10 Intel Xeon. 64 GB DDR4 Error Correcting (ECC) Scalable up to four units Dual Power Supply Three … Read More

Formula 1 has a new home in Miami.

F1 was acquired by Liberty Media for $4.4 Billion back in 2016. Today, it is currently one of the most rapidly growing sports in the US marketplace due to a combination of available opportunities and keen corporate decision-making. The racing sport easily adapted to social media and its teams are enjoying the many benefits of maintaining their own channels.  This … Read More

A great guide from the United Kingdom Government on how to Secure your Domain.

A domain registration and its associated accounts are a keystone to your organization’s security. Most of the items on the checklist are not time-consuming or difficult. Ensure that your Domains are fully locked at the registry level. Name a Domain Name Administrator. Ensure updated WHOIS records. Renew your domain names. Unused or expired domains, delete them. Use a reliable Registrar … Read More