Tim Ferriss Interviews legendary Bob Metcalfe.

An outstanding episode with clever @bobmetcalfe who, among other things pioneered Ethernet and Networks in the early era of the internet. Extraordinary conversation with insights on scaling business, various approaches to recruiting talent in the enterprise, critical decisions, and mistakes he reflects on. You can listen to this outstanding interview here and view the show notes at tim.blog

Synology Announces RackStation RS2818RP+

Available starting tomorrow, February 1st, 2018, is a new NAS unit from Synology, the first 3U Plus rackmount server. The 3U configuration allows room for large storage capacity, at very competitive prices wich are ideal for small and medium sized business. With a total of 192 TB of raw capacity it can exand to 336TB via a RX1217(RP) expansion unit. The … Read More

Office 2016 for Mac. Major update.

Microsoft released today a major update to its Office suite for mac. One of the most prominent changes enables real-time collaboration, letting a user see the changes in a document or spreadsheet as they are being made. The update also introduces autosave to cloud storage. The update is available through the usual ” Help > Check for Updates.” in any of the office programs. Please follow … Read More

Slack: “10 essential apps to boost your productivity in 2018”

This is a very helpful post from Slack on how to simplify life and the daily workflow, enabling teams with productivity Apps. Here is a hand-picked selection of these apps in the trello app directory, ranging from email and calendar integration to conference calls and automation. https://slackhq.com/10-essential-apps-to-boost-your-productivity-in-2018-1f20ffd34977

Google Project Zero reveals critical flaws in CPU architectures.

Google’s security researchers with the now famous Project Zero, disclosed yesterday two vulnerabilities, named Meltdown and Spectre. Even as the new year starts, this could be 2018’s largest vulnerability discovery, as it affects all software running on Intel processors, regardless of Operating System. Basically, every Intel processor after 1995 is affected. The vulnerability exploits “out of order execution” The large group of researchers collaborated from … Read More

Amazon AWS announces EC2 Bare Metal Instances.

AWS announced today an EC2 instance with direct access to hardware. In the announcement, Jeff Barr said this is the result of unique client requests and the result is that  “every AWS customer has access to whatever it is that we build, and everyone benefits” The specific cases for this request are when the customer wants access to the physical … Read More

New from Synology: All-flash desktop factor FlashStation FS1018

Released today, December 14, 2017. This is Synology’s first all-flash NAS unit. Here are the main specifications: Support for up to 12 2.”5 SATA SSD Intel Pentium D1508 dual-core CPU 8 GB ECC DDR4 SO-DIMM, expandable to 32GB 4 Gigabit Lan Ports PCIe 3.0 x8 slot All backed up with Synology’s 5-year limited warranty. Please see the full product specifications at … Read More

From the Office 365 Blog: Four Success Factors for Driving Microsoft 365 Adoption

The four-part blog on how to succeed with Microsoft 365 implementation contains useful information from client implementations, third-party research, and best practices.   By Cyril Belikoff   at Microsoft Part 1 on the Office 365 Blog Part 2 on the Office 365 Blog Part 3 on the Office 365 Blog Part 4 on the Office 365 Blog      

Seagate Ironwolf Series: 12TB

Seagate just announced its Ironwolf and Ironwolf Pro series with 12 TB capacity. These units go from one to sixteen bays, and the top end Pro series are backed by a five-year warranty, and five years promotional Rescue Data Recovery Service. Ironwolf hard disk drives are ideal for NAS configurations as they are equipped with Vibrational Rotational Sensors. This will … Read More