Backblaze Announces Hard Drive Stats for 2018.

Backblaze, a cloud backup solution with over than 400 Petabytes of storage, and more than 106,000 hard disks in operation has announced is annual report. Their yearly announcement focuses on durability and associated hard drive failure rates for all the drive models operating in their data centers. New for last years lineup is the 12 TB Hitachi Global Storage Technologies … Read More

The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has updated the free ebook. Now on its second edition, the book covers how to create applications, smart apps, security and privacy. Follow the link to download the ebook.      

Realities of Cloud Migrations as viewed by Joe McKendrick of ZDnet

As Cloud Services become more readily available and costs go down as a direct result of price wars, the rate of trouble and failures escalate quickly. This poses a direct challenge to Small and Medium sized business who are constantly trying to balance costs and expansions, while safeguarding the continuity of Business Operations. As Joe McKedrick says : “Migrations has … Read More

Cloud Wars: Top Ten Rankings as of June 1 2017

Image of Cloud Computing ICons

In a recent article published on Forbes by Bob Evans, Microsoft emerges as the top cloud vendor. The analysis is based not only on revenue but on other metrics such as scalability and integration. Definitely a complicated market, with some surprises such as SAP taking fourth place. Please follow the link for the complete story: