The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has updated the free ebook. Now on its second edition, the book covers how to create applications, smart apps, security and privacy. Follow the link to download the ebook.      

Office 2016 for Mac. Major update.

Microsoft released today a major update to its Office suite for mac. One of the most prominent changes enables real-time collaboration, letting a user see the changes in a document or spreadsheet as they are being made. The update also introduces autosave to cloud storage. The update is available through the usual ” Help > Check for Updates.” in any of the office programs. Please follow … Read More

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: New Microsoft 365 security and management features available.

The recently released Windows 10 Fall Creators update has new features not only for regular users but for business and enterprise deployments as well. Microsoft has recently reported that their latest operating system update is active on more than 500 million “monthly active devices, and continues to gain momentum”. With Enterprise being a critical market segment interest for Microsoft,  here are some … Read More

High Performance Big Data Azure Virtual Machines H-Series now available.

Microsoft Announced the availability of H-Series machines in the West US 2 region. These machines are specific to very complex and high performing task, which typically include:       ✓ Computational Fluid Dynamics tasks run by engineers and scientists     ✓ Automotive crash testing     ✓ Genome and molecular research     ✓ Seismic exploration     ✓ Weather forecasting simulations These are certainly the fastest in … Read More