A quick guide to avoiding phishing.

Keeping your data secure is a challenge for all business. Small and Large.

In light the recent events that have triggered the loss of data to ransomware, please keep in mind the following simple but effective steps to avoid losing data:

  • Watch out for scam email. Fraudsters are getting more sophisticated by the day, making you take a second and third look at messages to decide if they are tricks or not. Typically these messages include your accurate name, workplace, and other data easily taken from LinkedIn or other social media sites. As usual, beware of unsolicited messages with the requisite embedded link. This link usually leads to silently loading spyware or ransomware.
  • Use security keys like Yubikey or Google Titan. These secure “phishing-resistant two-factor authentication (2FA) devices”. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication on any sites that support it (a growing list as of lately). This second identifier works in addition to your login credentials.
  • A password manager, like 1Password has versions for Business and personal use. This will easily and securely will allow you to rotate passwords in time frequently and will generate complex passwords that are harder to brute force.
  • Make a routine habit of logging off, or locking your desktop as you walk away even for a few minutes. A simple keyboard shortcut will effectively block any attacker with access to your computer.
  • Beware of emails from executives or supervisors within the company requesting unusual activity or information. This is a growing trend.

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