The Tim Ferris Show, Episode #259 with Cal Fussman and Larry King.

Last Wednesday, August 17, 2017, broadcasting Legend Larry King was a guest on the Tim Ferris Show. A great comment by Larry King, on the state of attention, where people are glued to their mobile screens: “Listen, be in the moment” Thank you to Tim Ferriss. Episode # 259 with Cal Fussman hosting the podcast for Larry King.

Realities of Cloud Migrations as viewed by Joe McKendrick of ZDnet

As Cloud Services become more readily available and costs go down as a direct result of price wars, the rate of trouble and failures escalate quickly. This poses a direct challenge to Small and Medium sized business who are constantly trying to balance costs and expansions, while safeguarding the continuity of Business Operations. As Joe McKedrick says : “Migrations has … Read More

44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop

Brilliant Doodle celebrates the story of Hip-Hop with a “First of a kind Doodle”  with original design by graffiti artist  Cey Adams fully working turntables and famous tracks ready to be mixed. The complete  narration is done by also famous Fab 5 Freddy Simply brilliant!    

High Performance Big Data Azure Virtual Machines H-Series now available.

Microsoft Announced the availability of H-Series machines in the West US 2 region. These machines are specific to very complex and high performing task, which typically include:       ✓ Computational Fluid Dynamics tasks run by engineers and scientists     ✓ Automotive crash testing     ✓ Genome and molecular research     ✓ Seismic exploration     ✓ Weather forecasting simulations These are certainly the fastest in … Read More