Microsoft Azure webinar series: Security Webinar.

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Security strategies for safeguarding your cloud resources

Microsoft has recently announced an even bigger push and commitment to the Windows Operating System in the Cloud.

Even though it might be a pivot from its foundational structure, CEO Satya Nadella openly states that “the future of Windows is bright”.

On that note, on April 12, 2018. 10:00 AM  Pacific time Microsoft is hosting a webinar dedicated to strategizing security on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The event will definitely be a showcase for Microsoft current and upcoming robustness features, and at the same time pointing the shared responsibility of the data between the cloud provider  (In this case Azure) and the client.

We at Pulsar Technology are profoundly committed to delivering security to our clients, being small or medium-sized business, as we believe it is the core of a successful business relationship between the client and us.

Event Details

Registration for the webinar is free at the link.

“In this webinar, you’ll learn how Microsoft Azure provides a secure foundation to host your infrastructure, applications, and data in the cloud. You’ll also learn how Azure’s built-in security controls and capabilities further help you protect your cloud resources.”


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