Avoiding focused Spear-Phishing campaigns.

Microsoft’s Security Blog recently published an excellent article covering a growing trend in security attacks. Written by Diana Kelley Cybersecurity Field CTO and Seema Kathuria Senior Manager, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, it cleverly describes spear-phishing campaigns that are highly focused, and successful. These attacks do not target large or broad email lists, but rather a person within an organization. Experienced tech executives and … Read More

Unifi releases redundant WAN over LTE

PoE powered WAN over LTE designed as a failover/redundant solution. When your main internet connection goes down, it will seamlessly take over. Includes an integrated AT&T LTE embedded SIM/network subscription. Please see the full announcement at Unifi.

“Now I will a little tink” [sic]

Albert Einstein, upon usually encountering a complicated roadblock problem would slowly pace back and forth. Then he would suddenly announce in his picturesque English: “Now I will a little tink”   [sic] Without a sign of stress, he would intensely concentrate. A few moments later he would brilliantly have the solution to the problem. This simple technique of stepping away for … Read More

Microsoft’ Storm of new product announcement.

Yesterday, Wednesday, October 2, 2019, Microsoft announced a storm of new products in a news event in New York City. Microsoft hardware line is ever popular with small and medium-sized businesses, as they typically feature a good balance between price, durability, and mostly seamless integration to the company’s line of operating systems and productivity software. A summary is as follows. … Read More