Ganesh T of interviews Alex Wang, CEO of Synology America.

Mr. Wang was appointed back in 2014. He previously had a successful tenure in Europe. “Alex’s technology vision and profound experience in global operations make him a compelling choice to drive Synology to the next level of product innovation and growth,” said Philip Wong, Synology’s Founder and Chairman. This comment by the founder of Synology segue into his perspective for his … Read More

Synology Update: RS1219+

Today, Synology America released its latest model to its line of Network Attached Storage, specifically oriented to be used in Small and Medium-sized business. The new  RS1219+ is an 8 Drive unit that fits easily in a two post rackmount or wall rack. This makes it a very efficient design from a cost perspective.   Here are some of the more relevant … Read More

SonicWall releases 2018 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report.

Sonicwall, a leading Small and Medium Sized business supplier of Networking equipment and Firewalls has just updated it yearly threat report. The reports sheds light on the increasing crypto jacking attacks and this year’s Spectre hardware based vulnerabilities. Among some key findings are: 102% increase in Malware attacks in the first six months of this year, as compared to last year. 1.4 … Read More

Today: MacBook Pro surprise Mid 2018 Update.

Apple has always been a popular choice in the creative world of Small and Medium-sized business. In part due to its robustness and long-lasting hardware. This morning Apple released updates to its two core MacBook Pro lines. Featuring 8th generation Intel Core processors with Quad core or 6 Core, the machines are almost twice as fast than its predecessors. With Radeon Pro … Read More

How to Get Rich (without getting lucky).

Occasionally we enjoy covering the Entrepreneurial mindset. So for today’s post we have the fortune of reflecting on the following. Reproduced with permission from the author, Naval Ravikant as published on his Twitter feed. Many thanks to the author for its generosity in letting us share it on our Blog. How to Get Rich (without getting lucky): Seek wealth, not money … Read More

Synology updates DiskStation Manager to version 6.2.

Synology Logo

Synology, a leading brand in Small and Medium-sized business (SMB) storage, released today an update to its NAS Operating System. This version adds improved IT Mangement, with support for new Advanced LUN, ISCSI Manager, and Storage Manager. From the Synology  Announcement:   “The new Advanced LUN Advanced LUN provides lightning-fast snapshot creation, recovery, cloning, plus VAAI/ODX support for improved VM performance.   … Read More

Futureproof your Small Business: Properly designed and Installed Network Cabling

Cabling is the framework of your digital communications infrastructure. This critical component often referred to as “layer 1” in the OSI model, is notoriously long-lived. While most communication hardware is often replaced in a three to five-year time frame, cabling is often left in place for five to ten years, or more. That by itself is a critical factor when … Read More