Formula 1 has a new home in Miami.

F1 was acquired by Liberty Media for $4.4 Billion back in 2016. Today, it is currently one of the most rapidly growing sports in the US marketplace due to a combination of available opportunities and keen corporate decision-making. The racing sport easily adapted to social media and its teams are enjoying the many benefits of maintaining their own channels.  This … Read More

A great guide from the United Kingdom Government on how to Secure your Domain.

A domain registration and its associated accounts are a keystone to your organization’s security. Most of the items on the checklist are not time-consuming or difficult. Ensure that your Domains are fully locked at the registry level. Name a Domain Name Administrator. Ensure updated WHOIS records. Renew your domain names. Unused or expired domains, delete them. Use a reliable Registrar … Read More

AWS Outpost Servers. Now in Two Form Factors.

engineer holding laptop

Today Amazon AWS announced on-premises storage and compute that is monitored, controlled, and managed by AWS. This series is an addition to the already existing 42U full rack. These Outposts are ideally scaled for remote offices, retail locations, health providers that need low latency capacity. The Three Outpost servers announced today by Jeff Barr can be either x86 or Arm/Graviton. … Read More