Dropbox Announces Dropbox Transfer

Up to 100 GB files can be shared via a link/password combination. The recipient will download a copy, maintaining the original untouched. Please see the Dropbox post and sign up for the preview here.

Apple announces Conserving mangroves effort.

Apple has recently announced its effort to conserve the Caribbean Mangroves forest in Colombia. The Mangroves are very efficient at removing carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it in the soil deep below the water level. Recent studies indicate that they can store more than 10 times per acre the amount of carbon as compared to land base forests. … Read More

Happy 4th of July!

Pulsar Technology Corp would like to wish our Clients, Family, and Friends a happy festivity. May the celebration of freedom be a blessing for generations to come to those in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Adam Savage new book: Every tool’s a Hammer.

“Creation is iteration. Your job as a creator is to take as many of the wrong turns as necessary, without giving up hope, until you find the path that leads to your destination.”  Adam Savage, Every Tool’s a Hammer Please see the book announcement at Simon and Schuster, the official publisher.

Synology Launches the compact DiskStation DS419slim

Synology recently launched an innovative form factor NAS. Portable and cube-shaped, this unit supports up to four 2.5″ Hard Drives. The connectivity specifications include dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, with link aggregation and failover support. Please follow the link for the full specifications at Synology’s site. Image credits (C) Synology.

Google Cloud Event in Miami Beach.

Yesterday, June 11, 2019, Google held its highly anticipated Cloud event in South Florida. With a full house at the iconic The Temple House, Google’s presenters showcased its latest cloud offering. Many thanks to the organizers, and the venue. It was a concensus among the audience that we look forward to having more Google events in the area.