Synology Offers New Backup Service, Ideal for Small Business

Synology C2 Backup

Synology recently released a Synology Cloud2, ideally suited for small and medium-sized business.

C2 is hosted in  Frankfurt, Germany, which means it will comply with the high privacy standards required by EU regulators.

Synology indicates there are plans for building future datacenters in other parts of the world, but for the time being, Frankfurt is the only geographical area available.

For this service, Synology is focusing on a “One-Stop Service”. Previously Synology Cloud storage products relied on third-party cloud products. Now the emphasis is on an in-house development.

Among the features announced are:

  • Military grade AES-256  and RSA-2048  encryption technologies, for the data in transit or at rest.
  • Versatile file history, with multiple data recovery points.
  • Granular, file level restore.
  • Scheduled backup tasks.

Storage Plans:

Pricing is always a concern for any size business, so Synology is offering a very aggressive pricing structure for the C2 backup.

Target capacities start at 100 GB / €9.99 yearly up to 1 TB / €59.99 and 1 TB+ for €69.00/TB/Year.

For more information please see the Synology C2 Backup Site or contact us.

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