Synology Roadmap for 2021. What’s new.

Here is a short list of the announcements:

  • Fast, refined, and new DSM7.
  • Two-factor authentication sign in via Synology’s new app: SecureSignin and FIDO support.
  • Improved security via Bounty Program, with more than two hundred security researchers.
  • Drive replacement has been improved. Now you can replace a failed hard drive without degrading the storage pool.
  • Storage pool is automatically rebuilt once the new drive is detected.
  • Smart rebuilt that regenerates only used space. This resulted in improved hardware lifetime, and less wear to the hard drives.
  • SSD Caching very easy to enable.
  • Raid 6 is up to 80% faster.
  • Expanded volume support, from 200TB to 1PB.
  • New fiber channel support.
  • FULL NAS backup.
  • Enhanced failover.
  • Directory as a Service.
  • New Synology Photos.

See the full announcement at Synologys site.

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