Why should we ask instead of assuming?

In a business transaction to assume instead of asking the right questions, it could result in a significant monetary loss due to a lack of information. If one of the parties failed to explain themself and the other party assumed instead of asking the right questions, both parties fail to conclude a deal, that could be very profitable.
As human beings that we are, we have limited knowledge. Therefore it not shameful to ask questions.
Before assuming that a client meant something, be more direct and ask as much information as you can. In a meeting, when you ask questions, you show interest, intelligence, and wisdom, because you are gathering information before giving an answer or making a decision.

How do you think our company can help you?
Could you please be more precise?
I am sorry, I don’t quite understand your request.
What do you propose?
What do you mean?
I am sorry, can you explain what do you mean?
Please let me know how would like to proceed.

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